What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week : August 16, 2010

The Refi Boom remains in full effect, but rates are not as dazzling as they were just one week ago.

Retail Sales (August 2008 - July 2010)Mortgage markets worsened last week, putting a pause on the mortgage rate rally that dates to mid-April. Mortgage rates rose last week and home affordability suffered.

The Refi Boom remains in full effect, but rates are not as dazzling as they were a week ago.

It’s somewhat strange that mortgage rates rose last week given the heavy dose of negative-bending news.

Mortgage rates often to fall on such news, but last week, they rose. The biggest reason was weak demand on a new 30-year bond issuance from the government. In turn, that weakness spilled over into mortgage bonds, which pushed rates up. 

This week, mortgage rates could rise or fall — it depends on how new data influences market sentiment.

  • Monday :  Home builder confidence survey
  • Tuesday : Housing Starts and Building Permits; Producer Price Index
  • Thursday : Jobless claims; 2 Fed members make speeches

Keep a close eye on the housing-related data early in the week. It’s widely believed that housing will lead the economy forward so a rebound in home builder confidence, or a jump in building permits, for example, should push rates even higher. Weakness

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t spoken with your loan officer about a refinance, consider reaching out this week. Rates are lower than they’ve ever been in history and more people are getting financing than the news would have you believe. You can’t know until you ask so make that call today.

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